Fraud management

Fraud is an issue which appears in media reports each and every day. In fact, studies show that fraud is increasing with different types (misappropriation of assets, cybercrime, accounting fraud, impersonation fraud) and increasingly complex methods. The management of corporate fraud is...

Segregation of duties

Access and SAP authorizations are complex and often neglected in SAP and the necessary actions to define the rules for the segregation of duties are often performed manually. Cases of fraud or errors related to segregation of duties are detected retrospectively...

SAP Authorizations

SAP authorization management is the first security level of your SAP applications. However, daily management is necessary to respond to the needs of evolution of your business users and your IT system. Apart from the initial SAP implementation, your permissions must change or be re-evaluated for each...

Identity and SOD access management

Control access and effective governance of identities has become more complicated than ever. Due to complex system application design and access to your platforms, scenarios translate into extremely elaborate and time-consuming administrative tasks. A compliant identity management: provide proper access, at the right time, to the right person and for less money!

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