Performer for SAP

PERFORMER FOR SAP®, "a Big Data platform for continuous improvement of SAP® solutions" allows Inventy to revolutionize the management of SAP® systems. Combining advanced analysis and predictive functions, PERFORMER FOR SAP® helps the largest companies in the world make their SAP® systems Fast Safe and Cost-Effective.



  • Prove added value of existing solutions
  • Manage several projects in parallel
  • Continue to Innovate despite increased complexity of SAP® solutions
  • Control increased exposure of SAP® by strengthening security of your systems
  • Successfully achieve security audits
  • Evaluate and increase added value of their SAP® systems


The Big Data platform PERFORMER FOR SAP® scans hundreds of SAP® solutions in just a few seconds using 1200 key performance indicators. PERFORMER FOR SAP® compares customers with each other then automatically proposes measurable improvement strategies according to expected ROIs on 3 domains: FAST, SAFE & COST-EFFECTIVE. PERFORMER FOR SAP® helps CIOs make decisions based on objective recommendations and helps measure the real benefits of initiated projects

PERFORMER FOR SAP® is the result of Inventy’s expertise in SAP® Management and the use of HANA (In-Memory) technology which allows the processing and analysis of large quantities of data. PERFORMER FOR SAP® is based on actual and future power of SAP® HANA technology for data analysis and KPI calculations. It offers new perspectives in of database transaction processing:

  • No pre-calculated data, a dynamic analysis straight from the tables
  • Real time analysis
  • Ability to add indicators any time
  • Possibility to self-benchmark your own specific perimeter
  • Customized prediction of benefits



PERFORMER FOR SAP® is a platform developed by Inventy, through participation in the SAP® Start-up program.