Optimize your SAP Center of Excellence

SAP® invoice accounts on average for 2% of the total turnover of a company

This significant cost must be challenged to ensure the excellence of your company compared to your peers. The mission of the IT and its SAP® CoE is to maximize the use of the solution while maintaining an appropriate organization and justifiable budgets.

WHAT IS YOUR POSITION in REGARD TO the market best practices?

With our experience, we offer clients a consulting approach to optimize the SAP® CoE. We structure our approach around two fundamental axis: budget management & cost the benchmarking and the creation and transformation of your SAP® CoE:

How do we proceed?

We measure

We make a true picture of your scope, complexity and cost of your SAP® applications

We compare

We position you relatively to peers in your industry or similar SAP® customers

We analyse

We search the origin of your main costs

We improve

We offer optimization leverages proven in other clients, with figures. These levers are structured through a short / medium and long term roadmap